Behind the posters

Posters is not the only thing we do, here's some images of events and other projects. More on:

May 2011
Working on a print for Ususal Suspects to decorate their company car.

April 2011
Worldfamous BENGA will release a 12" together with KUTZ at Oi recordings. We designed the labels for this fine piece of dubstep for Mr Gomes. Out soon!

March 2011
We're off to Canada! Well, our prints are off... For a collaboration show with Montreal-based REEK and Alexis Coutu-Marion.
Opening March 11th at Galerie PUNKT, 5333, av. Casgrain, local 205 A Montréal, Québec, H2T 1X3

February 2011
Limited print for Adidas and finissage at Sid Lee. 

December 2010
Here's some pictures of our exhibition at Sid Lee. 

November 2010
Another conformation for a show next year! Atelier PUNKT in Montreal. Vernissage: March 11, 2011. Exhibition: March 11 to April 10th, 2011

October 2010
Neurotitan gallery from Berlin just confirmed the dates for our collaboration show with Florentijn Hofman. Be patient, it will be next year... 7.10.2011 until 29.10.2011

 October 2010
What I feel like, right now
Saskia Haex is showing her work at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Their monthly magazine is showing our Mashville collaboration!

October 2010
Not to many people know this, but we are secretly working with OI recordings. Doing quick/sketchy digital images for their online releases. It's fun and worth mentioning, OI is cool!

September 2010
Our dubstep brother DION made it to the finals of the 'Grote prijs'. We are doing some visuals for his DJ set. Will be printed later this month.

August 2010
We have spent a sunny weekend in Berlin, and came back with a brand new poster; the first ever product to be printed in Monkey's new printshop in Wedding! Available soon...

May 12th 2010
Florentijn Hofman delivered some mysterious sketches of strawberries and pigs the previous months. Now we know what he has been working on!

April 14th 2010
We collaborated on a few illustrations with Letman and Freshco for the book 'Manga don't like wine'. The book features the artwork of many artists, collaborating on the creation of very weird creatures, playing with the surrealistic method: the Exquisite Corpse drawing.

March 28th 2010
Last week Heleen Water took some lovely photographs of our posters. 
A good reason to rethink our website.

Mashville & Superelectric
Mashville & Monkey/Kat

Mashville & Dion47

Mashville & Machine

March 12th 2010
Mashville at Rokin Society: the beautiful people of Amsterdam, 
and a lot of free booze...

November 2009
Optimus and Mace ( represent!

September 25th 2009
Slashville (Mashville & Superelectric) at Singersweatshop, Rotterdam

August 2009
DIY: printing with Saskia Haex at Bitches In Control studio, Rotterdam

May 24th 2009
First Mashville show at 290 Square Meters in Amsterdam